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The BIG way Princess Beatrice is choosing to differ from the rest of royal weddings

The British public won’t have to sweat it when thinking about sporting the wedding bill for the next royal wedding. 

A palace spokesperson has told the Express Princess Beatrice and her fiance, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi will be privately funding their nuptials in 2020.

It is a move not many royals have done in the past, including Beatrice’s younger sister, Princess Eugenie, who had a massive £2 million cost to the public for security. 

Eugenie’s hefty bill did not come without vitriol from the public, with thousands of U.K. citizens signing a petition addressed to the House of Commons, demanding no taxpayer funds be used for the royal ceremonies. 

The campaign was started by Republic, an anti-monarchist group.

"Who’s heard of Princess Eugenie anyway?" Chris Williamson, a member of Parliament said in an interview at the time with Sky News

"She carries out no royal functions, no useful purpose to the public sphere and yet we’re having to spend this kind of money."

The parliamentarian referenced the fact neither of the royal siblings are full-time working members and have their own careers in the private sphere, despite occasionally supporting causes and attending events in representation of the Royal Family. 

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo were long-term family friends before they began dating 11 months ago.