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The $7 beauty secret Duchess Meghan swears by

The $7 beauty secret Duchess Meghan swears by

Duchess Meghan’s beauty regimen features a lot of premium products – including the $99 Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, the $70 Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touche Éclat concealer, and the $180 Chanel Sublimage le Teint Ultimate Radiance-Generating Cream Foundation to name a few.

However, the royal doesn’t shy away from affordable steals. In fact, there is one product that the 37-year-old swears by – and it can be found at your local chemist for as low as $7!

Upon being asked what product she buys in bulk, the Duchess of Sussex swears by Biore’s Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes.

“They’re great to keep in the car and on your nightstand when you have those horribly lazy nights that the thought of getting up to actually wash your face seems unbearable,” she said in an interview with Beauty Banter before her marriage.

The wipes have also received positive reviews from beauty enthusiasts, with users on beautyheaven giving it a four out of five stars.

“Got a pack of these wipes and makeup removal has been so easy!” a reviewer wrote. “I don't have to tug at my face, they're not too dry and I haven't experienced any issues with my skin becoming sensitive afterwards or anything like that.”

Another user commented, “I find the wipes a bit too strong to use in the eye area but I highly recommend them for removing face makeup.”

Apart from the wipes, another affordable score that the Duchess vouched for is the $6.50 Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion. “I use this religiously,” she said.

“It’s honestly my favourite lotion on the market, it’s so affordable, and makes my skin look and feel amazing. I would buy a case of this at a time if I could find it.”

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