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“Please restock!” The $15 Kmart shoes everyone is going crazy for

“Please restock!” The $15 Kmart shoes everyone is going crazy for

Kmart is not only the king when it comes to homewares and hacks, with its latest hot ticket item a pair of summer shoes for the bargain price of just $15.

The shoes are in such hot demand, fans on social media have been begging the discount department store to “Please restock!”

Always on the forefront of providing its customers with budget-friendly knock-offs of the latest trends in fashion and homewares, the bargain $15 mules feature a woven, closed-in toe look, and come in white, beige and black.

Customers who have already been lucky enough to score themselves a pair of the in-demand shoes have praised them as being “comfy”.

One Kmart devotee wrote online, in reference to the three colours available, “Just need one more pair to complete my collection.”

However, not everyone has been so lucky getting their hands on the trendy $15 fashion item.

One unlucky customer shared, “They are out of stock everywhere I go in my size, including online. Please restock the beige in all sizes.”

Will you be trying to score a pair of these trendy slide-on mules from your local Kmart? Tell us in the comments below.