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Tue, 4 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

Journalist booted from parliament for showing “too much skin”

Journalist booted from parliament for showing “too much skin”

An ABC journalist attending Question Time in Canberra was kicked out of parliament on Monday for having “too much skin” on display.

Patricia Karvelas, who was wearing a short sleeved blouse during the time of the incident, took to Twitter to share her experience.

“I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin. His insane #auspol,” she tweeted.

Alongside the tweet, the journalist also shared a photo of her “revealing” outfit.

Speaker Tony Smith was asked by Labor to look into the incident at the end of Question Time, to which he agreed to.

“I politely put my case that these are short sleeves. I left when the attendant insisted. I think the rule is out of step with contemporary standards,” wrote Ms Karvelas on Twitter.

Those attending parliament must adhere to a dress code, with men being asked to leave in the past for not wearing a suit jacket.

It didn’t take long for those on social media to respond with frustration.

“Dear god. You’ve for ARMS???? Get out now,” one wrote wittingly.

“What about your right to bare arms?” said another.

“What a joke,” said one user.

“Truly?? This is worth getting legal over. An insult to free press- and it’s discriminatory. FFS,” a user responded.

Many pointed out the hypocrisy of the incident, as former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is regularly seen donning sleeveless outfits when attending parliament.

The most recent being last week, when she showed up in a pink sleeveless dress.

“Talk to Julie Bishop. She shows her well-conditioned arms all the time. As is perfectly fine,” wrote one person.

“Kicked out for showing your arms? Um. Hello? Julie Bishop anyone,” said another.