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Johanna Griggs’ incredible style makeover

Johanna Griggs’ incredible style makeover

It’s no secret that Johanna Griggs is not your ordinary woman, admitting, "I'm not a size 8" – and standing at 1.83 metres tall, it can be difficult to find outfits that fit in all the right places.

The House Rules host has always stood out, as she towers over the petite woman that regularly grace our television screens.

So after a slew of fashion hits on Seven’s Logie-nominated renovation show, viewers had noticed and took the change with open arms.

She’s previously been spotted wearing simple outfits and has also admitted to being “so hopeless with fashion”, so when “uber talented” stylist Rosie Trindall offered to help her out, Griggs couldn’t be happier.

And so far, it’s been a success, with Trindall opting for designer dresses by Peter Pilotto and Scanlan Theodore.

“I’m not a size eight, I’m six feet tall. I’m not your standard television size,” Griggs told The New Daily.

“Every stylist I’d had up until that point dressed me like it was grab-a-granny night at the RSL.”

And despite not looking like one, the 45-year-old is a grandmother to a baby boy, after her son Joe – who she shares with former husband Gary Sweet – became a dad last year.

When she’s not in front of the camera, Griggs prefers to be more laidback and comfortable.

“I don’t dress up or wear makeup away from work. I appreciate fashion, but it’s not me,” says the former Olympian.

And her favourite outfit is one that she regularly sports when she’s at home with her husband Todd Huggins: “An Akubra, jeans and a ‘flanny’.”

The host understands that criticism comes with the territory, but she refuses to remain silent at inaccurate magazine stories, such as a Woman’s Day's piece published last year that claimed to reveal her weight loss secrets.

Griggs slammed the publication, saying the story was “100 per cent inaccurate” and that it deserved the “moronic award for made up sh*te.”

She admitted to The New Daily, “I’ve been having a crack at the mags for years and the rubbish stories they write.

“Sometimes people ask why I react, but they’d be amazed at how many people in my life will believe what they’ve read. Even something ludicrous.”

She reveals that “about six years” after she married Huggins in 2006, “there was an article saying Gary Sweet and I were back together. It’s so disrespectful to my husband, and to Gary’s partner.

“They’re still going to write it. But I will call them out and that’s where we sit.”

But despite tabloid stories, Griggs says that her personal life is the best it has ever been.

“I’m 45, [sons] Jess and Joe are 23 and 22, and just very happy and settled in their lives. As far as little [grandson] Jax, I can’t even describe the love you have,” she said.

“When you can just put all that energy into a little grandchild and know you can get the very best out of it, but you don’t have to have those sleepless nights and all the hard bits … it’s been really special for both Todd and I.

“I feel like I’m the biggest baby-stalker in the world, always have been. But Todd is a very close second. We’re just madly in love with him. He’s just a gorgeous little boy.”

She’s juggled her personal and professional life for years, so it’s no surprise that she treats the House Rules contestants as if they’re her own children.

“I feel like I have a duty,” she explained.

“Anyone who has been a contestant on a reality show will tell you it’s very intense, then they get eliminated, do a bit of publicity and that’s it. They’re dropped.”

As a board member of mental health charity Beyond Blue, “I’m a little alarmed at the treatment in the past and on some other shows. People seem to forget it’s real life and they’re real people,” Griggs added.

“They give me a lot. They make my job easy. It’s a really small way I can say thank you to them.”