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How does Duchess Meghan cover up her grey hairs during pregnancy?

How does Duchess Meghan cover up her grey hairs during pregnancy?

Last year, Duchess Meghan made headlines for appearing at an event with a single grey hair. Just over the past few months, said hair has been nowhere to be seen in photographs.

However, this natural sign of ageing has not gone unnoticed by her supporters across the globe.

While there are concerns about dying your hair while pregnant, Jason Hogan, a colourist at Josh Wood Atelier, told the Daily Mail it's perfectly safe for pregnant women to dye their hair – roots and all.

It is presumed by the colourist that Meghan may have used a few subtle styling hacks during her pregnancy, to give a softer appearance and distract from any rogue silver strands.

“The chemicals in modern permanent cremes and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic,” Atelier said.

“Most research, although limited, suggests it's safe to colour your hair while pregnant.”

The styling expert recommends any women looking to "hide" a few strays to try to keep the hair “dimensional and multi-tonal; this is going to distract the eye from any white strands".

L'Oreal Paris also says using highlights throughout your hair allows for unwanted colour to be hidden without needing too much maintenance.

Eye makeup is also a great tool to “distract the eye” from any grey hairs you may not want showing.

“Swipe a little mascara or liquid eyeliner onto your strands for hair that looks eye-catching for all the right reasons,” the L'Oreal experts shared. 

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