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Furious woman discovers ‘gold’ wedding ring a fake

Furious woman discovers ‘gold’ wedding ring a fake

A woman is furious after discovering her cherished gold wedding ring is actually a fake.

The 55-year-old woman from the UK, who wishes to remain anonymous, has worn the ring since her wedding in 2004.

The ring was stamped as 18ct gold but it was revealed to be brass after the woman went to get the ring resized.

The band snapped as soon as the jeweller began working on it.

"When they said the ring was brass I laughed - I thought they must have made a mistake," the woman says.

"People might say, 'It's a cheap ring, what do you expect?' but I expect it to be what it says it is."

The ring was purchased for £99 ($178 AUD) from Argos, which operates via catalogue order and online.

The woman took the ring to another jeweller but they came back with the same result.

"The item has been tested and in my opinion the metal is no better than 9ct yellow gold," the jeweller told the woman.

"It has been incorrectly stamped or the marks are false."

She has since contacted Argo and has been offered refund and apology.

However, the woman is refusing to accept the matter as closed as the ring was falsely advertised as gold.

 "I really feel this is Argos selling fool's gold, because that's how I feel: a bit of a fool," she says.

"My ring is worthless, beyond repair and not wearable. It's fool's gold, it's just a lie.

"It feels like I am missing a part of me - it's about the blessing of the ring and the significance.

"That ring would have been left to my daughter."