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Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson meets ‘celebrity crush’ Carrie Bickmore

Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson meets ‘celebrity crush’ Carrie Bickmore

Before the premiere of the latest season of The Bachelor on Wednesday night, Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson’s appearance on The Project led to a meeting with his ‘celebrity crush’, Carrie Bickmore.

After Jimmy joined the show, Peter Helliar asked him how meeting 24 women on The Bachelor compared to meeting his “No. 1 celebrity crush Carrie Bickmore”?

“Hi, Jimmy,” Jimmy said awkwardly.

“Oh the chemistry! Where are the roses?” Pete joked.

“I tried to get the roses delivered but they couldn’t make it happen,” Jimmy laughed.

“You obviously have a girlfriend now and Carrie, are you in a long-term relationship…” Peter added, with Carrie cutting him, asking, “What are you suggesting?”

“A double date!” Pete said.

“That is weird, Pete,” Carrie added, quickly changing the subject. 

“You say your parents are still in love to this day. Is that what made you want to go on the show?” she asked Jimmy.

“Yes, my parents have been married for over 40 years, when the opportunity presented itself, I thought this is the real deal. They get great girls on this show and they source them from all around Australia,” he said. “I want what my parents have. As you can see in the snippets, it is really nice and I think I have found her.”

Things took an even more awkward turn towards the end of the interview, with Carrie saying, “They left the last question for me to ask about the Mile High Club, which was really weird.”

“I would never expect that from you, Carrie,” Jimmy added.

His crush on Bickmore was revealed last week, while Jimmy was chatting to news.com.au and asked a series of rapid-fire questions.

When asked about who his celebrity crush was, he quickly replied with, “Carrie Bickmore”.

“I just think she looks like a really nice person and she’s very beautiful. She’s wife material.”

The segment in question was aired on The Project shortly after the interview, resulting in the Project co-hosts teasing Bickmore about Jimmy’s confession.

“Are you entering The Bachelor, the competition?” Pete asked.

“No!” Carrie replied.

Kate Longbroek said, “he got really properly crushy”, while Waleed Aly queried: “Is it a strange thing to say when you are about to date 20 women at once?”

Jimmy has since revealed he has found love and is off the market.

“I have found love. I’m really, really happy,” he said. “She’s amazing. We chat multiple times a day, a lot of Facetime at the moment, and I’m really happy, so it’s good.”

Image: Channel 10

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