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5 simple tips to fix dry hair

5 simple tips to fix dry hair

As we age, our hair is just one of the parts of our body that goes through a drastic change. Aside from the obvious (going grey), it also becomes thinner, drier, duller, and you may experience some hair loss.

But thankfully, you can take steps to ensure your hair looks as healthy as possible no matter what your age.

Here are five tips to help you rejuvenate and remoisturise dry, dull hair.

1. Get the temperature right

You might like your showers extra hot, but too much heat can force the hair shalt open, and if your hair is dry or damaged, the shaft won’t be able to close fully and the moisture will seep right out. Instead, keep the water warm during washing then finish with a cool rinse to make your hair look shinier.

2. Don’t over-wash

Using shampoo every day will strip your hair of its healthy natural oils, thus drying it out. Try to use it only every second day, using conditioner in between to add some moisture.

3. Raid the kitchen

The secret to healthy, shiny hair could be lying in your kitchen. For a rejuvenating, vitamin-packed hair mask, simply mash a super ripe avocado with some olive oil. Apply to your hair, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse off – it’s an easy, natural way to restore moisture and shine.

4. Turn off the tools

Your hair dryer or straightener may make life easier when it comes to styling, but it’s not doing damaged hair any help. If you absolutely can’t live without them, at least invest in the best tools you can afford.

And when choosing a straightener or hair iron, don’t go any hotter than 185 degrees – any higher and your hair may become more damaged. The same goes for hair dryers – avoid the temptation to switch it up to the hottest setting, and before subjecting your hair to any dryers or straighteners, treat it with a heat protectant spray.

5. Book a trip to the salon

It might not be that your hair is dry, but rather that the ends of your hair are dry, split and in need of a cut. A good way to judge how much you need to trim is by seeing how quickly your hair dries. If the ends air-dry almost immediately while the rest of your hair remains wet, those ends need to go.