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5 budget beauty buys

5 budget beauty buys

There a few among us blessed with smooth skin that stands up to the elements. For most, we need the aid of moisturisers, creams, serums or more to banish itchy and flaking skin.

With so many products on the market, we narrowed down some clever budget beauty buys to do the job, without the hefty price tag.

1. Lux Body Wash, Shea Butter: RRP $6.12

This moisture replenishing shower product is also a light exfoliate, so it brushes away dead skin cells while hydrating deeper layers. The dual action is a time saver as well as a penny saver and that “luxury hotel” scent.

2. Dove Beauty Bar Soap Regular RRP $4.30 (pack of 2)

This is much more than your regular cake of soap. Made up of a quarter moisturising cream, it will leave your skin feeling softer than it will with regular soaps and acts as a two-in-one, rather than prolonging your morning shower routine with extra products.

3. Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion Shea Butter RRP $9.49

This shea butter lotion is a rich blend of nourishing creams and essential oils that penetrate the skin. Shea butter makes this lotion particularly heavy, perfect for repairing dry and damaged cells.

4. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength RRP $10.99

Sometimes, regular creams just don’t cut it. Rather than squeezing half a bottle of product onto those dry knees, reach for something a little more intense. This moisturiser dries fast, is appropriate for sensitive skin and can remedy those stubborn patches you’ve given up on.

4. BIO Oil RRP $19.99

This beauty all-rounder is so much more than a moisturiser. The product helps remove the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tones, ageing and of course dehydration. The oil base ensures maximum potency when applied to the skin and can be popped on overnight for best results. Just be careful with the bottle, as the oil escapes from the nozzle fast.

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