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10 beauty tricks that don't cost a penny

10 beauty tricks that don't cost a penny

We've scoured the world of beauty to find the top 10 tricks to help you with your makeup, skincare and haircare. 

1. Apply your foundation before your concealer

By switching your routine around you are going to not only save on foundation, but you're also going to get a more natural finish. Applying your foundation first gives you a good base to then be able to see what areas need a little tweaking. You will most definitely need less concealer than you think to touch up the areas that may need a little more coverage.

2. Make your lipstick application perfect

Once you have applied your colour, go in with a fine lip brush and some concealer and outline your lips before gently blending in.

3. Fix your broken lippy

There's no need to farewell your favourite lipstick if it snaps – simply heat up your lipstick using a lighter and then press the broken part back onto the base. Next, chill in the fridge to set the repair.

4. Keep your makeup wipes going strong

Sometimes these handy wee champs get a little bit on the dry side and we all know how annoying that is! Grab your micellar water and squeeze some into the wipes packet and this will soak through of the wipes and help to keep them moist and fresh ready for the next use.

5. Fast dry your nail polish

Waiting for your nails to be dry is quite literally like watching paint dry. Cheat your way to a touch–dry perfect 10 by dipping them in cold water. This is going to help set the colour and they'll be dry before you know it.

6. Make your bobby pins grip

Help make your style stay put by spritzing a wee bit of hair spray or dry shampoo on your clips before applying. This will help to give them more grip so they won't slide around.

7. Get luscious lashes at home

Curled lashes look a lot longer than straight ones but you don't need to hot foot it down to the salon for a lash perm. Heat up your eyelash curler using a hair dryer and blast it until it is warm before using on your lashes – the results speak for themselves. (Test the temperature on your hand first to ensure it's not too hot.)

8. Transfer your toner into a spray bottle

If you hate the step of toning, but your skin is begging for some hydration and clarity, then you'll love this trick.  Transferring your toner into a spray bottle makes the toning step quick, simple and refreshing. Your skin will love you for it!

9. DIY brow groomer

Don't ditch your mascaras once they reach their use by date. Saving the brushes means you've just gained some handy brow groomers. Soak them in some mild detergent to clean them up and then use them to keep your brows on point.

10. Super soft tootsies

Wearing sandals can mean the soft skin on your feet suffers. Nothing a good dose of foot cream won't fix, but take it one step further by wearing some socks to bed once you've applied the cream. It'll allow the cream to really soak in and you'll get faster results.

What are your budget beauty tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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