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4 anti-ageing skin treatments for every budget

4 anti-ageing skin treatments for every budget

Every day we are bombarded with flashy ads spinning the next beauty “miracle product” that promises to transform your skin. The truth of the matter is, there is an abundance of products that over-promise and under deliver. The seduction of Jane Fonda’s newest ad campaign may feature a product that won’t necessarily harm you, but do you really want to fork out $180 on perfumed sunscreen?

We rounded up four tried and tested anti-ageing treatments for every budget, and briefly explain how they actually work.

1. Simple – Regeneration age resisting range.

($15-$25 per product)

With no artificial perfumes or colouring, this range prides itself on “simple moisturising goodness” and contains active ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, mushroom extract, oat-beta glucan and green tea extract. Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties which can treat skin problems caused by excessive free radical activity. Namely, ageing. 

  • Cleansing wipes
  • Day cream (SPF15)
  • Facial wash
  • Night cream
  • Eye cream
2. Raccine – Ultimate Hydra Perfection

($29-$44 per product)

Raccine hydra utilises revolutionary “Callus cultivation technology”. Callus cells are those that cover a plant’s wounds, and can be manipulated to aid the degenerative reversion of human skin cells. By utilising these highly active agents for strong antioxidant activity, this skin care range promotes skin elasticity, and its ability to retain moisture.

  • Advanced luminous gel
  • Contour brightening eye care
  • Essential lift supplement serum
  • Gentle cleansing foam
  • Gentle refining scrub mask
  • Optimal fortifying emulsion
  • Ultimate defence illuminating cream
3. Olay – Regenerist range

($40-$50 per product)

The Olay Regenerist range claims to firm lax skin areas by restoring collagen and elasticity. Ingredients include Niacinamide, amino-peptide, B3 complex, Vitamin D5 and Pentapeptide.  Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, provides an anti-wrinkle effect by regulating cell activities and encouraging cell renewal and proliferation. Vitamin D5 is a non-toxic synthetically produced form of the vitamin. As we age, the skin’s ability to produce it declines. As a result, we lose bone density that causes heavy wrinkling and even rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Instant fix wrinkle revolution complex
  • Miracle boost youth pre-essence
  • Advanced cleansing system
  • Micro-sculpting serum
  • Micro-sculpting UV cream
  • Micro-sculpting eye swirl
  • Anti-Aging deep hydration regenerating cream moisturizer
4. Jurlique – Nutri-define

($90-$100 per product)

  • Eye contour balm
  • Retexturising facial serum
  • Multi correcting day cream
  • Rejuvenating overnight cream
  • Refining foaming cleanser
  • Essential conditioning lotion
Jurlique uses a unique, natural liposomal technology that is infused with five naturally derived botanicals. Liposomes are double-layered. Liquid filled bubbles that can be filled with nutrients and used to protect and deliver these agents into specific cells in the body, meaning the active ingredients are sure to penetrate the skin and deliver targeted results. The result is retextured skin, leaving it feeling vital, soft and smooth.

Do you have an anti-ageing skin care product or home remedy that you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.

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