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Why one in four men feel like “failures”

Why one in four men feel like “failures”

New research published by fundingguru.com found that one in four men revealed they feel under immense pressure from others to be successful and believe they are “failing” in life.

The poll reached out to 1,500 men about their life goals and aspirations.

53 per cent think they are underachieving, while 35 per cent report being “way behind” with where they pictured themselves in their career.

One in five men felt the constant pressures of success and achievement from their partners, while one in 10 felt this pressure from their children.

28 per cent of participants reported feeling like a “failure” all the time.

Most of this emerged from the anxiety of money issues (35 per cent), health concerns (19 per cent) and other people’s perceptions of themselves (14 per cent).

Four in 10 had reported seeking professional help for anxiety.

The website’s founder, Matt Haycox, said the poll was important in “highlight[ing] the pressure that many men are under”.

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