The simple eye test leaving people gobsmacked

The simple eye test leaving people gobsmacked

Getting behind the wheel at night can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers. However, more difficulties await those with vision problems.

According to a Twitter user, you can check if you need glasses for driving through this simple test.

The account posted two pictures, claiming that they show what driving with astigmatism looks like compared with normal, healthy vision.

In the first picture, the lights from the traffic appear with big streaks, while in the second picture the lights only have a slight blur around them.

“This is what people with Astigmatisms vs without [see],” the post read.

Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea or lens of the eye is not a smooth curve, resulting in asymmetric blur and distorted view.

The post, published in late March, has surprised social media users who previously believed that the streaky image was “normal”.

“Wait people can see lights normally? I thought everyone saw those lines,” one responded.

“I thought everyone saw the lines, when I was little I would squint to make em longer to entertain myself, thought that was normal,” another commented.

“My life and seeing is a lie, I thought everyone saw the lines,” another commenter added.

Optometrist Ceri Smith-Jaynes told The Sun Online that the picture “is not a bad representation” what the condition might look like. “You do get a bit of streaking with astigmatism,” she said. “But it could also be a number of other things such as cataracts, opaqueness or even when a lash gets in your eye.”

According to Health Direct, astigmatism may be present at birth, develop with ageing, or result from eye disease or injury. Symptoms may include headaches, difficulties seeing at night and tiredness.

The condition could be corrected by glasses, contact lens or surgery.

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