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Lee Lin Chin reveals her very surprising nightly ritual: "I'm always discovering something new"

Lee Lin Chin reveals her very surprising nightly ritual: "I'm always discovering something new"

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you might want to take a page, literally, out of Lee Lin Chin's book. 

The former SBS World News weekend presenter has revealed reading the works of William Shakespeare as the perfect way to wind down in the evening. 

Chin revealed she “re-read[s] the complete works of Shakespeare every night” in a new interview with whimn. “I'm always discovering something new in the great bard’s words.”

And sometimes, the fashion icon known for her quirky outfits, will spend up to two hours reading Shakespeare's famous words at night. 

Chin, who resigned in July from SBS after almost 40 years with the network, has said the extra free time she has now would allow her to indulge her passion for Shakespeare (and pubs).

“Working two days a week didn't give me enough time to devote to the pub and re-reading the complete works of Shakespeare,” said the TV personality in jest to good friend and fellow newsreader Sandra Sully for Ten Daily, at the time she announced her departure from SBS. 

“So now that I work zero days that issue has been addressed.”

Chin told whimn that a comfy bed is also “absurdly important” for a great night’s sleep.

“A good sleep in a nice bed sets you up for the day,” she said. “You attack it with a bit more oomph versus just thinking, oh great. It's Groundhog Day.”

Getting to bed early, and a 4 am start with some yoga, used to be part of Chin's daily ritual when she had a long day in front of the camera.

“It's more important than anything else,” she said. “Shoot days can be long, tedious and exhausting. If I haven't had a good sleep, it’s going to be a terrible day, not just for me but also the crew. I can get pretty grumpy.”

Surprisingly, one thing her nightly ritual does not include is meticulously planning her outfit for the next day.

“I like to give myself some spontaneity,” she said. “Who knows what mood I'll awake in and what outfit will compliment that mood?”