Courtney Allan

Internet’s favourite cartoonist is back with another confounding comic

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, is the internet’s favourite hide and seek cartoonist. He’s recently released a new puzzle that’s bound to confuse fans.

The question is simple: Find the penguin amongst the toucans.

Are you able to guess where the penguin is? Scroll through our gallery above to see the result.

However, upon further inspection, many fans were confused. The way Dudolf has drawn the birds makes it very hard to find the penguin.

Fans of Dudolf have been commenting on the post saying how difficult it is.

“Finally I found it but this one was more difficult than the others,” one fan commented.

“Trickier but love these,” another fan wrote.

A third agreed: “This one was tough!”

It’s very hard to spot, as the beak is a slightly different shape and colour.

After the success of Dodulf’s panda hidden amongst the snowmen comic, he produces puzzles for most major holidays as well as posting some tricky ones at random.