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Andrew O’Keefe set to return to work after "personal issues"

Andrew O’Keefe set to return to work after "personal issues"

The Chase host Andrew O’Keefe is set to return to filming the show after taking a two-month break. The break was taken in order to deal with “personal issues”, which The Sunday Telegraph revealed back in April that O’Keefe was “emotionally exhausted”.

O’Keefe is clearly on the mend though, as he signalled to Seven he is ready to return to the production.

His manager, Mark Klemens, confirmed that O’Keefe was taking a break to “regroup and work through some personal issues”.

“He is emotionally exhausted, to say the least, and needs a break. He is also determined to deal with these issues and is committed to getting back on track as soon as he can.”

The break comes after his marriage to partner Eleanor Campbell ended and a series of incidents occurred, including a confrontation with a photographer after appearing in court.

O’Keefe was open about his struggles and dealing with his divorce, as he spoke to The Daily Telegraph about what he was going through.

“I spent 25 years building a certain emotional castle, and creating all of the things that we like to think we are going to achieve in life, and at the age of 47 I feel like I am starting all over again,” he said.

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However, his manager assured everyone that O’Keefe is well supported.

“He is a devoted and loving father and a cherished son and brother. He is fortunate to have wonderful support around him,” he said.

“He is looking forward to full health and hopefully being back in the studio in a couple of weeks.”

Although it’s unknown when the new season of The Chase will air, it is set to include a series of celebrity challenges.