Thu, 8 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

What is self-healing?

What is self-healing?

Barbara Binland is the pen name of a senior, Julie Grenness, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a poet, writer, and part-time English and Maths tutor, with over 40 years of experience. Her many books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Self-healing? What does this mean? Well, the human body does possess a great capacity to heal itself. Now we are over 60, we have more time for ourselves. We can devote some thought to focus on our body’s self-healing. This is such a beneficial practice, to maintain long life and good health.

How does self-healing work? Basically, each human body consists of cells, which are always renewing, from the time we are born. Amazing. Our human bodies need essential elements to promote good cell renewal, as a prevention of disease and damage. These can be caused by inflammation, infection and extreme stress.

Vitally, for self-healing, our bodies need adequate sleep and rest. It is a great idea to invest in a good bed, and aim for an undisturbed sleep pattern. When we are sleeping, our bodily cells are repairing and regenerating. In addition, a good night’s sleep maintains good physical, emotional and mental health.

Another essential factor for self-healing is to aim for a healthy food intake. In the past, we may have consumed take-away food, or sugary, fatty foods. Now is the time to improve our bodies’ self-healing potential with good energy. A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is an important way of achieving this. We can reduce our intake of fat-laden processed foods, by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and nourishing soups. All these can boost our vitality. Fresh is best!

Importantly, for baby boomer self-healing, a regular, moderate exercise program is an ideal benefit. Not only does exercise promote restorative sleep, but it strengthens our bodies, enabling both circulation and heart health. Good for the waistline too! Exercise can consist of fun activities too, whatever you enjoy!

What about reducing stress factors? One good tip is to think logically. In any situation, aim to decide what is your problem, what is ‘their’ problem, what you can do to make ‘them’ accountable for ‘their’ problems, and then it is not your problem. No problems. We can put ‘their’ problems from our minds, and move on to focus on our own lives, and not worry about things too much. This takes a bit of practice, but it is a very good habit of stress reduction. There is no need to be drama mamas.

Now we are over 60, each of us is in control of our self-healing. If we can promote our own self-healing, we can feel much better, and reduce endless visits to the doctors and pharmacists. Self-healing – give it a go!