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10 things you need to stop feeling guilty about now

10 things you need to stop feeling guilty about now

Feel guilty every time you’ve done something you think you shouldn’t have? The next time you’re about to blurt out apologies for one of the following, stop yourself. These “bad” habits don’t justify your feelings of guilt. In fact, they’re really not that bad.

1. Telling people “no”.

It can be hard to turn people’s invitations down, but sometimes you just have to do it. You’re not obligated to say yes to anything so don’t feel bad for saying no.

2. Doing nothing.

Every single moment of the day doesn’t have to be filled with being productive. Sometimes you just need a break and everybody deserves a break.  

3. Indulging in junk food.

As long as it’s only every so often, there’s no need to give yourself a hard time for not sticking to your healthy meal plan.

4. Taking a nap.

Go ahead and have your cat nap as napping is proven to help memory retention, lower stress levels and increase productivity.

5. Standing up for yourself.

There will be moments in life where you have to stand your ground. There’s no need to be rude or offensive about it, but if somebody has wronged you then you have every right to tell them. Don’t feel guilty for stopping others from taking advantage of you.

6. Being single.

Despite what society says, being single doesn’t mean your sad and lonely. If you’re single and loving it, embrace it with open arms.

7. Not having a clean house all the time.

It’s a common refrain to hear the host apologising for the lack of tidiness or cleanliness of their house. It’s ok to not have a neat home all the time and it doesn’t reflect on you as a person.

8. Spending money.

As long as it’s within your means and not too exorbitant, it’s ok to make a big purchase if it will bring you happiness.

9. Not wanting to be friends with someone anymore.

Some friends will stay in your life forever, but others are meant to be let go. Don’t waste your emotional energy on friends who doesn’t treat you as a friend should.

10. About feeling guilty. Guilt is not necessarily bad.

It’s ok to feel guilty, but don’t let feelings of guilt overtake your life. If you made a mistake, understand it, learn from it and move on.

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