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Those who use hearing aids are having more sex

Those who use hearing aids are having more sex

A new survey of Australians with hearing loss has found that those who use hearing aids are having more sex than those who don’t.

The research, sponsored by ihear, involved a survey of 1,000 Australians who suffer from hearing loss.

Those who use a hearing aid were found to be 14 per cent more likely to have regular sex with their partner.

They were also found to have 15 per cent fewer arguments than those who don’t wear a hearing aid.

Managing director at ihear, Shane Bullivant said, “It’s no secret that hearing loss can affect so many aspects of our lives and the lives of those around us.”

“But the good news is that taking action on hearing loss has shown to create outcomes that are quite compelling.”

The research also found that 80 per cent of Aussies with hearing loss have not taken any corrective actions about their condition by using a hearing aid.

The survey also showed that 35 per cent of men were likely to take corrective action compared to 31 per cent of women. 

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