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Quotes about hearing for first time

Quotes about hearing for first time

We have posted countless videos of the magical moments when people regain their hearing or hear for the first time, and there are always a lot of happy tears. What we don’t see though, is a day or two on, when they are learning what the world sounds like for the first time.

These ten stories from forums site, Reddit users, gives an insight into what it’s like when things don’t sound anything like you imagine them to. Some of them are quite funny!

“It never really hit me just how much my hearing had changed until thanksgiving during my senior year. I was walking up the driveway to my uncle’s place and I heard footsteps, I thought someone was chasing me! After running inside and looking, it hit me those were MY footsteps.” – Hatcher833

“The first time I heard gravel scared the life out of me, I thought something was breaking! And fridges scared me too, they sounded like what I imagined the noises in scary movies were like, judging by the subtitles.” – Sezrawr

“My friend said she was scared the first time she heard the air conditioning in Costco.” –  ClassiestBondGirl311

“After I heard what the music was supposed to sound like, I shed a tear. I thought I was listening to some electronic beat, and then the original came through and I couldn't help but feel so sorry for those who can't hear music for what it is. I appreciate/listen/play music so much in my day to day life that if I were to become deaf again, I would prefer to remember music as I once heard it than listen to it through an implant.” – aiptek7

“My brother is hard of hearing, and as he has down syndrome he couldn't really tolerate a hearing aid until he was 20. The first time he mentioned a sound was when we got home. He went to the loo and I heard him laugh hysterically. When I asked what was so funny he shouted, 'I can hear my pee! My pee is so loud!'” – Ginger1

“I was quite young and I was amazed to learn that paper and plastic made noise; I went through her house and crumpled or rubbed together all the paper I could find. I was just so amazed that all of these things made noise, and I had never realized it.” – Kokarl

“I got sick at one year and been deaf my whole life. I got my cochlear implant at about 11 years old. I heard my mother talk to me and when we arrived home, I heard my miniature schnauzer bark, it was really awesome. Years later, I had the cochlear implant updated, I had an iPod and the first song I played was Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. It just blew me away.” – Unknown user

“I remember the first time I put on my hearing aids, I probably said ‘what’ or ‘huh’. Because those are my words if I can’t understand anything. I think I was startled and intimidated by hearing voices. I still remember the first time I heard a thunderstorm. I couldn’t leave my parents side. I was mortified, curious, scared all the same time. So many mixed emotions and then I saw my mother almost crying of happiness because I could hear something simple as a thunderstorm.” – Not_a_username

“I was born hearing impaired, but my disability was not discovered until halfway through kindergarten. The first time I had a hearing aid on was INSANE! My mom said that when we stopped by the mall later for ice cream I stared at women’s shoes. I liked the clacking sound they made on the linoleum. When we returned home I discovered that light switches made a click sound. I turned the light on and off until I fell asleep from exhaustion.”  – Poshness

“I lost hearing at age 21. Was given an implant at age 27. The last voice I heard was my fiancés, and the first voice I heard six years later was my husband’s saying ‘I love you’. I hyper ventilated, cried and laughed. Ingrid Bergman said a kiss is nature’s trick when words become superfluous, but I couldn’t get enough of those three words.” – Jkr43

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