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What colour are these hearts?

What colour are these hearts?

If, thanks to the surge of optical illusions sweeping the world of late, you feel like you have no idea how your brain actually works, prepare to feel even more confused.

A new video by Bite Size Psych has shown how our brains can be fooled into seeing colours in different ways, and our minds are blown.

Just look at the images below and above, and ask yourself what colours the hearts are.

More Hearts -

What do you think?

We're seeing a magenta and an orangey-red - but it turns out, we're completely wrong.

Both hearts are, in fact, bright pink.

"If you zoom in on the picture you find that the striped bars aren't actually the same colour," explains the video's narrator.

"These surrounding blue bars make the heart seem purple while these surrounding green bars make the heart seem orange.

"This gives us a vital clue to how our vision works. It suggests that we perceive an object's colour based on its proximity and contrast with surrounding shades."

Well, that's something new to think about when we get dressed in the morning.

First appeared on Stuff.co.nz

Video credit: YouTube / Bite Size Psych

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