Basmah Qazi

Would you eat this? "Unacceptable" and inedible food being served to aged care residents

Would you eat this? "Unacceptable" and inedible food being served to aged care residents

Elderly residents of an already disgraced nursing home are allegedly being provided green powdered eggs, bowls of baked beans and meals which have been reheated for dinner.

Photos of the meals were posted to social media over the weekend, after a family of a relative living in Bupa Aged Care Traralgon in rural Victoria were furious at the facility.

The aged care facility has been previously known to breach multiple industry standards after a surprise audit showed shocking results.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, a spokesperson for the nursing home confirmed the authenticity of the photos but said they have been told to stay quiet on the matter.

The photos were posted after countless incidents relating to the aged care industry were exposed, as stories of abuse and neglect towards the elderly and disabled came forward.

The industry is now facing a Royal Commission as instructed by the government.

A relative of a resident staying at the Victorian Bupa facility took to Facebook to share a photo of the inedible food, as she expressed her outrage.

“What is it?” asked one user.

“Be interesting to know what the daily budget per resident is, whether a qualified dietician is involved in the menu,” said another.

“It looks like mouldy cheese … Our prisoners are treated much better and with more dignity. A national disgrace,” said a third.

A spokesman for Bupa agreed with the backlash, saying the photograph of the food was “unacceptable”.

“We’re very concerned by this matter. This was not a standard meal provided to all residents and does not reflect our high expectations,” he said through a statement.

“This is unacceptable. We apologise for this incident and have spoken to the family of the resident who was served the meal.

“We immediately replaced this meal and will continue to explore what happened in this case and learn from it.”

Bupa Aged Care Traralgon has previously come under fire for not meeting industry expectations, which are set by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.