Woman goes viral for sharing therapist’s simple tip to fall asleep

Woman goes viral for sharing therapist’s simple tip to fall asleep

One woman has shared this simple yet effective tip to combatting your insomnia.

Emily Bronchu took to TikTok to reveal her therapist’s trick to help you sleep better.

“So a therapist gave me this trick for when you can’t sleep, I’m gonna share it with you for free cause I paid for the information,” she said.

“So I was laying in bed and I can’t sleep. I put on my Sleep Stories, I went to bed at a normal time, I just couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning, tossing and turning, tossing and turning.”

Emily says the key to fixing this is setting a “time limit”.

“If you’re not sleeping within 20 minutes, get up and write down everything that you’re thinking about and do it until you’re tired and then go back to sleep. And it works,” she said.

“The reason it’s important to get out of bed is that if you stay in bed your brain will eventually connect with ‘I’m supposed to be awake when I am here.’ You don’t want that connection to make you stay up super late, and when you go to bed you’re gonna be tired.”

The post racked up over 98,000 likes and a number of comments from people sharing this trick had worked for them. Hundreds of people commenting on the clip, with many saying it had worked for them too.

One person wrote, “I do something similar when I can’t sleep bc of stress. I get up and write down every single thing I’m stressed about, gets them out of my brain.”

Another added, “I’ve recently been writing down all my thoughts in my journal before I go to bed and it helps me clear my mind so that I’m not thinking about every possibility.”