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Why this “unprofessional” sign at a doctor’s office has gone viral

Why this “unprofessional” sign at a doctor’s office has gone viral

A woman has been sent away from a medical centre for calling out an “unprofessional” note announcing that a doctor no longer worked there.

Patient Susan Rolens was visiting a medical centre in Illinois, US for her appointment with her doctor on January 22 when she spotted a bizarre sign on the window.

“Dr [Name] resigned from our office,” the typed note read. 

“The reason he resigned is because his wife would not allow him to work here since we hired a 'female' nurse practitioner.”

Rolens said the clinic owner asked her to leave after she criticised the note. 

“I told the receptionist that this was the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen,” Rolens said. 

“The next thing I know, they are telling me I can’t see my doctor’s back-up.”

Rolens then went on to post a picture of the sign on Facebook, which has since gained more than 1,400 comments and 800 shares.

“I thought it was unprofessional for a business to post something like that about a beloved doctor,” Rolens told Fox2.

Many people voiced their agreement in the comments section. 

“Saying the Doctor is 'no longer with us', would have sufficed,” wrote one user. “No need to divulge his personal business.”

According to Fox2, the note in question has since been removed from the clinic.

The doctor in question refused to comment on the incident, but Rolens said he told her that the dispute was “all taken out of context and had nothing to do with the nurse practitioner being female”.

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