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“We thought he was good”: Chezzi Denyer gives emotional update on Grant Denyer’s injury

“We thought he was good”: Chezzi Denyer gives emotional update on Grant Denyer’s injury

Chezzi Denyer has revealed her husband’s health condition in an emotional post to social media, showing just how difficult and painful the process has been for the Denyer family.

After Grant was rushed to hospital at the end of last month over a debilitating injury, Chezzi has been kind enough to give frequent health updates for caring supporters.

Grant had suffered an annular fissure, which is a tear in the lower disk of the back and described as “incredibly painful” by the family.

The injury was so horrific to the point it left Grant unable to sit and walk.

While supportive fans wait for better news, Chezzi has just opened up about the toll Grant’s injury has had on the Denyer family, sharing to social media a picture of her husband and their daughter on FaceTime while he sat in a hospital bed.  

“She absolutely adores her Daddy and I know she misses him so much right now. I miss him too, and I only left his bedside about 4 hours ago to fly home,” Chezzi wrote on Tuesday night.

Further, Chezzi explained that although Grant had been discharged from hospital on Sunday, the Logie award winner had to be readmitted after “jumping the gun a little bit".

“We knew it was a stretch but wanted to see how he went. And then realised it was a bit too early. So back into hospital he went,” the caption read.

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The mother of two sympathised with families that have loved ones in hospital.

“I just want to send out massive telepathic hugs to everyone who has someone in hospital tonight. A big shoutout to everyone missing a parent or loved one tonight,” she wrote.

“I think sometimes we forget that life isn't always easy... And that's ok... And for my little family, we will count down the days until we can all head back down to Sydney to hang out with Daddy!”

The emotionally tolling post comes after a long week for the Denyer family, when Grant first injured his back on their property and was then rushed to hospital.

“He’s in a lot of pain and it’s really difficult to watch,” Chezzi confessed on 2Day FM radio following the event on Friday morning.

Grant explained the incident himself to his co-hosts as well on the radio program, saying: “I was down the paddock mate with my Akubra on, my flannos', just slamming away on a star picket with a huge sledgehammer and twang – away it went.”