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The number one thing people want to be remembered for

The number one thing people want to be remembered for

As part of their annual fundraising appeal, a new survey from UK terminal illness charity Marie Curie asked 845 people what they would most like to be remembered for after they die. The top answer? A sense of humour.

Thirty-six percent of respondents wanted to be remembered for their sense of humour, making it the most popular trait. Two-fifths would prefer being known for their caring spirit. Of their own late loved ones, 41 per cent replied that their best memories of the deceased were their jokes, smiles and laughs.

A recent Quora thread also asked people what they wanted to be remembered for, and some of their answers were utterly inspiring.

  1. “If I have a tombstone, the only thing I would want on it is ‘He Loved You.’” – Anthony Ferreri.
  2. “I want to be remembered as someone who lived the present as it was, not somebody from the past. Someone who didn’t get all the answers but stayed curious until the end.” – Carole Zavala.
  3. “As a person who made a difference in the lives of the people she touched.” – Pei Mun Lim.
  4.  “I want to be remembered as an always-happy person. I want to be remembered as a true and loyal friend.” – Rahul D. Dhawan.
  5. “When I’m dead, if the people I love can remember how loved I made them feel, that’d be enough.” – Vieshaalan Naidu.
  6. “I want to be remembered as that guy who was always smiling, helping people, never hurt anyone and died in peace.” – Anonymous.
  7. “To just be remembered is an honour in itself, positively that is.” – Nicole Moncada.
  8. “If anything, I’d like for them to remember the good things I did. Maybe that would inspire them to make a difference in the world.” – Trevor Carter.
Tell us in the comments below, how would you like to be remembered when you’re no longer here?

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