Nurse slams South Australians complaining about six-day lockdown

Nurse slams South Australians complaining about six-day lockdown

A “drained” South Australian nurse working on the coronavirus frontline has slammed those complaining about the state’s six-day lockdown after an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Danielle Abbott, who works at Lyell McEwin Hospital, posted a video to Facebook where she is seen wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

It was accompanied by a caption criticising those who were “too entitled to stay home for six days”.

“This is what we wear. New PPE as we enter a patient’s room, and we throw it out as we leave; repeat,” she wrote.

“It’s not about you.”

Ms Abbott received an outpour of support with one Facebook user writing: “Thank you for taking this risk for everyone.”

The nurse’s poignant post comes as South Australians wake up to their first day in lockdown after a “dangerous” strain of coronavirus spread rapidly through the state.

The detection of the strain was thanks to one young doctor’s tireless efforts after they insisted on testing an elderly woman for coronavirus after she came into emergency with a cough.

The situation unfolded at Ms Abbott’s workplace – Adelaide’s Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Yesterday, chief medical officer Professor Paul Kelly paid tribute to the hardworking doctor.

“There was a young doctor in the hospital in northern Adelaide who was absolutely essential in picking up that first case,” Prof Kelly said.

“The family member that went to that hospital and went to the Emergency Department with something else completely different, no respiratory symptoms, one of the doctors heard that person coughing and did the test and that is how we know that there’s something going on in South Australia very early.

“And they’re getting on top of [it] very early, I am confident they will get on top of it.”

There are now 22 cases linked to the cluster.