​Nurse collapses and dies mysteriously while walking the dog

​Nurse collapses and dies mysteriously while walking the dog

The family of a “brilliant and caring” nurse is mourning her death after she tragically collapsed and died while taking her dog out for a stroll.

Jane Baxter, 43, a single mum from Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, passed away while she took her family pet out for a walk on June 2.

Her two devastated children Isabelle, 14 and Harry, 11 are both struggling to come to terms with the loss of their wonderful mum.

Jane’s sister, Sue Baxter, 53, said that she had received a call early in the morning to say her sister had been rushed to hospital after collapsing.

“She went out for a walk and didn’t come home,” she devastatingly recounted.

“I got a call to say she had collapsed on the road and an ambulance had been called.”

Emergency services arrived in Litherland where Jane collapsed near her home and took her to Fazakerley Hospital, where she died later after never regaining consciousness.

Jane's death is not being treated as coronavirus related but the cause is yet to be found.

Results could take six months before any answers or comfort can be given to Jane’s heartbroken family.

To help with funeral costs and to aid Jane’s two children for their future, the family have put together a GoFundMe.

“Jane was a vibrant, compassionate and caring person to all who knew her,” the page read.

"Jane's passing was so sudden, Harry and Issy never got the chance to hug or say goodbye to their beautiful mum.

"As a single mum, Jane always made sure her children never went without and worked hard to give them the best life possible.

"Living with her lovely mum Jean, they all shared plenty of love and laughter.

"As friends who experienced Jane's warmth & kindness, we would like to raise as much as possible to help Harry and Issy through these terrible and distressing times.

"It may just be a day out, a pair of shoe mum would have bought, Xmas and birthday gifts etc that a mother may buy her children.

"All funds raised will help these children through times such as school proms and events in life where mum would have been their side by side with her two favourite sidekicks."

The family told the Echo that Jane qualified as a nurse in 2003 and worked on the High Dependency Unit (HDU) in Alder Hey.

They described her as a “brilliant, caring” nurse who lived for her children.