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Why Kate Ritchie is learning sign language with her daughter

Why Kate Ritchie is learning sign language with her daughter

New Year’s resolutions are taking on a different meaning with Kate Ritchie.

The Nova Radio producer says she is hoping to develop completely new skill sets in 2019.

On Tuesday she told the Daily Telegraph she wanted to “master my horse riding and to learn sign language with my four-year-old daughter, Mae.”

Neither Kate or her daughter Mae have a hearing impairment, sharing through Instagram that her daughter has continued to inspire her and open her mind to a world of possibilities.

"[Mae] is full of wonder in so many ways and she also helps me to simply be me | to pat myself on the back | to be patient | to care for other families | to appreciate the value of equality | to make plans | to want to be the best version of me | to realise I can have a go at anything | to accept myself | to count to ten and reassess | to stand up for myself and for girls | to love | to be loved | to curb my foul mouth | to appreciate the simple things | to donate when you can and be kind when you can't because sometimes that is way more valuable | to be," Ritchie wrote in a dedicated Instagram post for little Mae.


Kate’s husband of eight years, former NRL player Stuart Webb and father of her daughter Mae, told Offspring Magazine parenthood has taught her a lot about “dealing with it".

“I do think that we are the parents and are meant to teach and guide her but Mae has equally if not more been a teacher to me,” Ritchie said.

“She’s made me more me than I’ve ever been.”

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