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5 simple steps to effectively manage carer’s stress

5 simple steps to effectively manage carer’s stress

Being a carer for a loved one is a full-time job with plenty of demands – which sometime means you have to make sacrifices, however, carers do what they do because they want to be able to show their love and help out in any way they can. The key to good caring is balance. Health and happiness are necessary otherwise if your mood is constantly low and your energy too, you may end be the one in need of a care. Follow these five tips to help you stay on the healthy and happing side of caring for someone.

1. Putting YOU first

Carers can’t afford to burnout, which is why you need to make yourself the best you can possibly be. This can be achieved by regularly eating nutritious meals and making sure you get adequate sleep in order to function at your best. Daily exercise, be it walking the dog or a dance class, will also help to make sure you stay fit and to enhance your energy levels. Also make sure you get health checks with your doctor on a regular basis.

2. Staying social

Isolation increases stress so it’s vital to keep active and social with others. Getting together regularly with friends and relatives reminds you that you always have a support network and it’s also a nice way to catch up, chat and vent about issues.

3. Community resources

Feel comfortable to look and ask for outside help. There are plenty of service providers that can assist you, including home health aides, carer’s breaks and day trips, training and support, home repair services and plenty of community volunteers. 

4. Break time

Resting and having time out is crucial in order to be a happy healthy carer. Find a hobby and maintain it regularly. Visit friends and relatives who will take over caring duties on the weekend or some weeknights. Also, start thinking about the future and consider that there might come a point that you need to look at a nursing home for the person you are caring for.

5. Whole self-awareness

Remember to stay positive and avoid negativity at all costs. Remember what you are doing and why you are doing it. The benefits of your help and why you were placed on earth. Embrace life and yearn to make a difference to everyone else’s. Talk to relatives, friends and don’t forget to talk to us too.

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