Basmah Qazi

How often should you be washing your pillowcase?

How often should you be washing your pillowcase?

Time to face the facts, the best part of everyone’s day is bedtime, when you can drift off into a deep sleep and wake up the next morning looking forward to doing it all over again.

But have you ever stopped to think about the bacteria that has accumulated on your pillowcase over time?

I mean, think about it, you sleep for seven hours a day, every day, so if you aren’t washing them regularly, you may end up dealing with a number of issues.

Dirty pillowcases are said to cause several skin problems such as breakouts, irritation and face acne – so if you have a new friend on your face every morning, think of it as your skin telling you it’s time to give your pillow case a good wash.

Throughout those blissful hours of relaxation, your pillowcase is collecting remnants of skin, bacteria, fungus and oils from your face and hair.

So how often should you replace your pillowcases?

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jordana Mattioli, an aesthetician, says you should ideally wash your sheets every day.

But if that sounds too excessive, turn your pillowcase inside out to get an extra night’s use.

Ms Mattioli also recommends wrapping your hair in a scarf while you sleep so your pillowcase remains free from hair products and leftover residues.

How often do you wash your pillowcase? Left us know in the comments below.