Grandmother killed on freeway remembered for her kind acts

Grandmother killed on freeway remembered for her kind acts

Melbourne grandmother Luda Syzonenko who was killed helping a driver on the freeway had made a point to help others in distress before.

She has been remembered as loving, kind-hearted and caring and recently becoming a grandmother.

She had stopped her car on the Monash freeway in Melbourne's southeast and was on her way to assist a driver who had hit traffic lights about 3:15 am.

Her son Phillip described her as a “kind, loving mother” who was “always happy to help anyone”.

“Work colleagues say she’s the first to come and help always the first to come,” he told 7NEWS.

Her family had warned her not to stop on the freeway for others as she'd done previously.

But she responded, “if someone needs help, I’m going to do it.”

“She’s always happy to help anyone and she didn’t deserve go to out like this,” said Phillip.

“She was really excited to be a grandma. We lost our mum and lost a grandma to my little boy.”

Detective Acting Sergeant Christopher Hayes said her decision to "brave those dark conditions unfortunately might have cost her her life".

“You can’t help but admire the spirit with which that person has conducted themselves,” he said.

“To think the outcome is so horrific, a real shame.”

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