Generous gesture found in second-hand car leaves woman stunned

Generous gesture found in second-hand car leaves woman stunned

A mum who has been “dealing with a lot” was brought to tears when an envelope filled with cash dropped onto her lap from the sun visor of a second-hand car she had just purchased.

Jen Willis received the heartwarming gift on June 19 after suffering from a few tough months of separating from her husband and getting through the coronavirus pandemic as a school principal with kids of her own to care for. 

Ms Willis, from Daylesford in Victoria, discovered the car privately after selling the family’s two previous vehicles, but was disheartened after hearing another prospective buyer was scheduled to view it before her.

Ms Willis, who also lives with multiple sclerosis, negotiated with the seller by revealing the recent struggles she faced and offered a deposit.

“It was the exact car I wanted as it was in my budget and had all the safety features to feel confident driving my kids around. I asked if he would consider selling it to it me unseen if I paid a deposit straight away,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

“I think he was worried as he wanted me to have seen it [before buying it], but could also see how much I wanted it and maybe needed it given all I had going on.”

And it paid off, as the sellers agreed to hold the vehicle for her which she said may have had something to do with them seeing she was “dealing with a lot”.

After finalising the sale, Ms Willis sat in her new car ready to drive it home, and as she pulled down the sun visor an envelope fell onto her lap containing $150.

“This is a random act of kindness. Please use to spoil your family in a way that makes you happy. Just felt it in my heart to do for you in what sounded like a challenging time for you,” a note on the envelope read.

She messaged the sellers saying, “Thank you so very much! Brought tears to me!,” and they replied saying, “You’re welcome Jen”.

Overwhelmed by the incredibly kind gesture, the mum posted her story to a Facebook group dedicated to sharing random acts of kindness when she got home.

“Needless to say, I teared up instantly with this incredible thoughtfulness,” part of her post read.

Ms Willis said she would use the money to “treat my boys and I to dinner out in Daylesford”.