Erin Molan: "Married at First Sight put me in hospital"

Erin Molan: "Married at First Sight put me in hospital"

Sports presenter Erin Molan has temporarily put her work on hold following an accident that she jokingly blamed on popular reality TV show Married at First Sight.

On Friday, the mother-of-one revealed her injury in an Instagram post, confirming that she would be off air for a few days. 

β€œFor those asking... no Friday Night Footy for me this week... or News or 2GB/4BC or Jonesy&Amanda or Sunday Footy Show.

β€œThe issue not so much the fracture itself... but the fairly INTENSE pain killers that make bosses of live tv/live radio very nervous indeed. Back on deck Monday.”

The 36-year-old told the Sydney Morning Herald that she fractured her arm after she tripped at home while rushing down the stairs to catch the popular TV show.

β€œI knew MAFS was dangerous, but had no idea it would put me in hospital,” she said.

β€œThe real tragedy in all of this is that I missed [MAFS stars] Jess and Dan on the couch while I spent 10 hours in emergency on Monday night.”

In a follow-up Instagram post, Molan revealed how she did not want to miss a moment from the reality program. β€œI only had 10 seconds left in the commercial break … At least I’m safe until next season starts.

β€œThe saddest, most uncool way to break your hand.”