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DWTS' Jimmy Rees shares new update on his sick baby son

DWTS' Jimmy Rees shares new update on his sick baby son

After the nation found out on Dancing With The Stars that Jimmy Rees’ newborn son Mack had been hospitalised after a routine procedure going wrong, all eyes have been on the Rees family.

The news resulted in Jimmy making the heartbreaking decision to leave the reality TV show dancing competition – where he had advanced to the Top 5 – to be with his family and support them.

He spoke about how heartbreaking it was to see his seven-week-old son Mack – who is a twin – go through the NICU at Sydney Children's Hospital. 

"Tori and I were with him and the doctors there rushed him into theatre to stop his bleeding from the little artery that ruptured ... and he was flown into the ICU at the children's hospital," Jimmy said.

"But for a moment there, Tori and I thought that he might not have made it."

Thankfully, Mack made it through the surgery and is now well on his way to recovery at their family home.

Jimmy shared a sweet photo on Instagram of him holding Mack whilst wearing a Superman costume at home.

Underneath the image was the caption:

"We have a superhero party coming up, just trying the costumes on!!!

"We are all a fraction exhausted & delirious !!"

He also shared how Mack was doing.

"Also, Mack is out of hospital and home, continuing his recovery, still has a very sore mouth but he is getting there. Wrapping him in cotton wool for a while now, the precious little fella."

Fans are thrilled about the news, with many commenting well wishes.

“Phew, my grandchildren will be ecstatic xxx Good result Jimmy Giggle, now make sure Hoot puts you all to bed early,” one commenter expressed.

“Yay to little man coming home. For something is easy to go wrong is scary,” another said.