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Duchess Fergie moves crowd to tears after delivering emotional speech

Duchess Fergie moves crowd to tears after delivering emotional speech

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, does extensive charity work but it is often kept under wraps.

However, UK Magazine Hello! sought to change all of that as it hosted its first Star Women awards.

The Duchess of York received the Inspiration of the Year award for her charity work, which also includes being founder patron of Street Child.

Street Child is a UK charity that was established back in 2008 and aims to create education opportunities for vulnerable children in Africa and Asia.

The 59-year-old worked the room as she accepted her award, before moving the audience to tears and then later on having them in stitches.

In her speech, she promised to help last year’s star mums Lisa Wells at her fundraising ball.

However, the Duchess of York quipped: "Maybe you'd prefer one of the other duchesses?"

The same day as the award ceremony, she appeared on This Morning, where Sarah went into a detailed explanation about her support for a campaign that ensures all ingredients are listed on pre-packaged food.

This comes after the death of a girl who died as a result of consuming something with incorrect labelling.

To top off the day, she also attended the British Heart Foundation’s “Bias and Biology” panel, where she advocated for more awareness about the inequalities in women’s healthcare surrounding heart disease.