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Chezzi shares heartwarming update on Grant Denyer’s health

Chezzi shares heartwarming update on Grant Denyer’s health

For too long now, Grant Denyer has had a painful stay in hospital after suffering a back injury.

However, today the beloved television host has returned home to his family.

Chezzi Denyer has kept loyal fans and supporters updated with the condition of her husband over the last few months since he was first admitted to hospital.

Grant Denyer suffered a traumatic injury while doing work on his farm and was diagnosed with an Annular Fissure or better known as a disc tear in hos L5-S1 Disc with a disc bulge.

Left in terrible pain, bedridden and in the confines of a hospital room, Denyer was swept away from his television and radio duty besides hosting the final episodes of Dancing With The Stars Australia with Amanda Keller.

However, just moments after the filming wrapped up for the Grand Finale episode, he was checked back in to a Sports Physiotherapy Recovery hospital.

Finally, the 41-year-old has returned back home to be with his wife Chezzi and their two daughters, 7-year-old Sailor and 2-year-old Scout.

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Sharing to social media the happy news, Chezzi posted a stunning snap of her youngest Scout cuddling up close to her recovering dad with the caption: “After just over a week, he's out of the Sports Physiotherapy Hospital AND HOME!!”

In the past, Chezzi has been incredibly open about her struggles and dealing with the difficulty of Grant being in hospital.

“Hardest part of taking the girls to visit Daddy, is when it's time to leave and they don't want to let go," she shared.

The doting wife and mother, however, encouraged mothers to keep going.

“…To all the Mums out there struggling through today, or any day... Barely keeping your eyes open, as your offspring jump around excitedly asking you to play and exist with more energy than you have or can muster,” she wrote. “I hear you AND you have got this.. in the bag!”