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Carrie Bickmore reveals surprising struggle with new baby Adelaide: “It was a shock!”

Carrie Bickmore reveals surprising struggle with new baby Adelaide: “It was a shock!”

Carrie Bickmore is truly a woman who can manage it all. From parenting her children and taking care of her family, to working as a television and radio host, the mother-of-three somehow handles everything perfectly.

She appeared on our screens back in 2006 after she joined Rove Live and it didn’t take long for the country to warm up to her empathetic approach and down-to-earth demeanour.

“Perhaps I get more emotional at work than I should, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve accepted that is who I am and I can’t apologise for that,” the 38-year-old told OK! Magazine.

And there’s no need for an apology, because it seems that same approach is the secret to her success, one that has earnt her a Gold Logie.

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Now, as she prepares to return to The Project after an eight-month hiatus due to giving birth to her baby daughter Adelaide, she says she’s more than ready for the “craziness” of her schedule.

“We’re settling into life as a family of five and it feels like the right time to be going back to work,” she said.

We can expect to see her back on our screens on July 8, and she can’t wait to get back into it.

“I’ve been doing radio from home, thanks to the power of technology these days, but going back to The Project will be different.

“Obviously I wish we could do The Project from my living room every night, around the kids, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to it.

“I’ve been off the desk for a little longer than I planned. I didn’t set out to stick to a set time, as I didn’t quite know how we’d go when Adelaide arrived – and it’s good because she’s been a lot more challenging that I could ever have imagined!

[Adelaide’s] had reflux and she’s a baby who just wants to be cuddled and held all the time, which has been really exhausting but also really lovely and rewarding, too.”

After having a relatively easy time with her first two kids, Adelaide has proven to be a challenge for the media personality.

“It was a shock! I was like, ‘What’s happened?’ I’m yet to call my good friend Chrissie Swan out on this because she was like, ‘Oh, having a third is easy, you won’t even notice!”.

“Now I’m like, ‘What a liar you are!’ Adelaide has definitely been the hardest one yet, as adorable as she is.”