5 fuss-free pet care tips

5 fuss-free pet care tips

Whether you're having problems with cats making their way onto your dinner table, dogs digging up your lawn or birds escaping their cages, you'll need help keeping your pets under control.

Here's a list of handy tips for looking after your animals so you can avoid all those pet-related worries.

1. Hydro therapy

Tired of the cat jumping onto the table during meals? Fill a spray bottle with water and whenever the cat hops up, give him a squirt.

Eventually the mere sight of the bottle will send the cat running.

2. Saved by the bell 

Here’s an easy way your dog can let you know he needs to follow the call of nature.

Hang some bells from the doorknob and your dog will quickly learn to associate the sound with the door opening.

Soon he’ll be nudging the bells himself to tell you it’s time to go.

Saying, ‘Outside? Want to go outside?’, and jiggling the bells for a few days every time your dog goes out can speed things along.

3. For a rainy day

Use a plastic storage bin to make a doghouse that will withstand a rainy day.

Cut a hole in the bin that’s big enough for your dog to pass through.

Flip the bin over on its lid, stick a dog bed inside it and you’re done. Cats will also appreciate this type of semi-enclosed housing.

4. Invisible barrier

Use a sheet of plastic to protect your dogs claws.

Head to the local hardware store and buy a piece no more than 3mm thick.

Cut the plastic so that it fits between the doorjambs and is 300mm higher than the reach of your dog.

Mount the plastic to the door using 20mm x 8g panhead screws.

5. Hair no more

If your dog has a heavy coat, skip the brush and instead use the vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment.

It’ll clean the dog and suck up all the loose hair, too.

Your dog will be a little apprehensive at first but he may learn to love it.

What are some of your pet care tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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