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Beautiful poem about dementia

Beautiful poem about dementia

Jacqueline Steyn, 72, finds comfort in expressing herself in stories and poetry. It was not until she reached her seniors year, where age and lived experience gave her the confidence and courage, that she began to showcase her writing. 

Shadows in the dark

Take my hand and walk with me down through memory lane

Revisit places that we knew when life was just a game

Remember how we spun the bottle and stole our very first kiss

When we fell in love and how our lives were full of bliss

Remember on the beach when we wrote, “I love you in the sand.”

How tides washed our words to a far and distant land


Our big day in the Church when both we said, “I do.”

How parenting was easy after baby number two

Remember all those years we shared, the laughter and the tears

Remember how I held you to rid you of your fears

The strength we gave each other as only soul mates can

I thank the Lord for knowing you; you made me a better man


Too soon the sun is fading the world is turning grey

The cruel world of dementia is taking you away

Once your mind was active so full of joy and hope

With all the plans we had we wondered how we’d cope

The beauty of your face is fading your eyes have lost their spark

Do you see these memories too, or are they shadow in the dark.

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