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4 tips for looking after an injured partner

4 tips for looking after an injured partner

As hard as it can be to recover from an injury yourself, it can be just as difficult to watch your partner go through the same pain. Whether it’s a fall, a simple sprain, back pain or something more serious, there are lots of easy ways in which you can help them on their path to recovery.

1. Make your home more accessible

If your partner’s injury affects their strength or ability to walk, you need to take a good look at your home and see what you can do to make mobility easier. Removing possible obstructions like plants and pieces of furniture is a good way to start. If you have any rugs, temporarily move them or at the very least ensure they are stuck down securely and won’t be able to trip anyone up.

2. Communicate

Open up the path for communication with your partner and encourage them not to suppress what they’re feeling. People’s pride often prevents them from admitting they’re in pain, so make sure your partner knows how important it is to you that they are open and honest throughout their recovery. Plus, it’s always easier when you have a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to.

3. Keep them busy

It’s easy for formerly active people to slip into depression when suddenly finding themselves stuck indoors. Therefore, it’s just as essential to look after their mental health as it is their physical health. Suggest ways they can keep themselves occupied and productive. Why not learn a language? There are hundreds of free educational apps and resources out there to keep your partner busy and maybe even teach them a new skill.

4. Treatment

Stubborn partners can be a real pain to treat. First you have to get them to the doctor, then you have to make sure they’re actually going through with the treatment. However hard it may be, though, if your partner doesn’t receive immediate treatment, their condition could simply keep getting worse.

Have you ever had to care for an injured partner? We’d love to hear your advice. Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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