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The best-kept secret for caring for older loved ones

The best-kept secret for caring for older loved ones

As parents or close family members age, it can get harder for them to stay in their own home. Serious illness, mobility issues, injury, sight and hearing problems – all of these can mean that their desire to remain at home is no longer viable.

For some people, it means being caught up trying to look after parents and children or grandchildren. When each of the families involved don’t live in the same area, it can prove difficult to manage.

If the elderly parents are don’t require full-blown aged care, but they do need a little help with certain tasks, another option that is worth investigating is a serviced apartment. These offer independent living with some assistance where required with tasks such as cleaning and cooking.

Often it is the parent themselves who realise they need a bit more help around the house. They may even feel worried that they are becoming a burden to their kids if they need someone to cook meals for them or help them with the clothes washing. This is especially true when close family members don’t live in the same area.

There are various apartment styles available, nearly all are single-level which is ideal if stairs are becoming a problem.

Other benefits include access to a like-minded community of retirees who are all of similar mobility and health. There are clubs to join and activities to enjoy together. Socialisation is a key part of well being for the elderly, and having a group of people to spend time with can be beneficial for their health. 

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