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7 simple tips to keep your brain healthy as you age

7 simple tips to keep your brain healthy as you age

Here are seven signposts to keep your brain healthier than your age. It’s never too early to mind your mind. Researchers say the changes in our brains that result in dementia may start decades before symptoms appear, so don’t delay, start today!

  1. Mind your diet – a good and balanced diet promotes brain health.
  2. Mind your body – physical exercise encourages blood to flow to the brain. People who regularly exercise are less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes.
  3. Mind your brain – keeping the brain active prevents cognitive decline helping keep you mentally focused. Don’t just sit there and do crossword puzzles, go to dance classes and learn a new step each week or study a language and continue to build up your linguistic skills.
  4. Mind your health checks – staying healthy by regular medical checks and keeping your body weight in control is important for general and brain health.
  5. Mind your social life – being socially involved and participating in leisure and other activities with people helps maintain a healthy brain.
  6. Mind your head – avoid general injuries especially any to the head.
  7. Mind your habits – avoid heavily smoking and don’t over drink excess alcohol, get a good night’s sleep and live life to the fullest.
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