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"How I kicked cancer”

"How I kicked cancer”

For those of us with any experience with the disease, you know that some of the bravest and most courageous people out there are cancer survivors. To highlight these difficult yet extraordinary experiences, we’ve gathered your inspiring stories of how you, the Over60 community, survived cancer.

“I had my right breast removed 12 years ago due to breast cancer hated every day that I lived through the chemo and whinged like no tomorrow. I then realised, “What about all the poor babies and children that go through treatment?” and I take my hat off to them all. Five years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer have had my thyroid removed and had treatment for that. Now I look at life and am very grateful for everyday that I have with my family. To all the women out there who have suffered through cancer, we are survivors and are more understanding and grateful for what we have. Look around you and thank god you are still going.” – Katina Michos

“I'm proud to be a survivor 13 years post breast cancer. I have a different outlook on life since the experience.” – Jean McMahon

“I had my right breast removed due to cancer, had the chemo and radiotherapy, then discovered I had bowel cancer which had spread to my liver and lungs. I am in remission for the breast cancer but there’s little they can do about the bowel cancer. I was given 12 months to live three years ago and I couldn't face anymore chemo. I have been on cancer tablets since then. I regained all the weight I lost and feel great. There is a lot they can do these days. The cancer is still there but it’s a lot smaller and I feel great.” – Carmel Micallef

“I had bowel cancer nearly 11 years ago I was very lucky. I will be 70 in December and I thank God every day for being here to see my grandchildren grow up.” – Lorraine Mcgrath

“I have a wonderful friend in her early 80's who was given six months to live 25 years ago. She was told she would never regain the use of her legs and to prepare for the worst. She had a ten year old son and had to fight. After numerous chemo and radiotherapy she took the risk, had nothing to lose, and was the first Australian bone marrow stem cell transplant recipient. She has had many, many cancers through the years and still battles with it but always with a wonderful positive attitude. She was on several trials for drugs and she outlived everyone. Her oncologist calls her his miracle patient and her case is studied by students in training. She exercises on her Exercycle every day, walks her dog every day, has done the city to surf several times and smiles, appreciates, and is thankful for every day. I know she is in pain but her elegant demeanour and wonderful attitude uplift everyone. I adore her. Long may she continue.” – Sharyn Gavin

“In 2003 I was going to donate a kidney to my 20 year old daughter who had kidney failure. Whilst testing me for compatibility they found I had a 10cm growth on my left kidney. It was renal cell carcinoma. I had no idea. I was very lucky as my doctor knew a nephrologist and he did my surgery through keyhole without chemo or anything. It was stage three. I was very fortunate, my daughter saved my life! I will be eternally grateful to her. Then in 2008 my daughter got a donated kidney! Every day is a gift. It's quite a scare. But thank God I'm still here.” – Freda Josephine Gentle

 “I had thyroid cancer in 2009 and uterine cancer in 2010. After extensive surgeries, chemo and radiation, five years later I am cancer free and enjoying every day.” – Leonie Walker

“I am a survivor of metastatic breast cancer with cancerous lymph nodes in 2008. [I had a] mastectomy, chemo (which almost killed me) and radiation. I’m now in my sixth year of Arimidex treatment, which causes all sorts of side effects but I am still alive, working hard and enjoying life. I am not, and never will be cured, but am in remission and am very grateful for every day of extra life that I have been given. The change in perspective is such a blessing to those of us who survive ... And also for our families and friends.” – Jenny Bush

“I survived stage 4b lymphoma as a teenager, have had a partial nephrectomy, have a type of bone cancer and have had bowel, thyroid and liver scares. I have chemo weekly and will for the rest of my life. But I was given three weeks to live as a teenager and am now a pensioner. My friendly suggestion to other sufferers is never give up!! Please.” – Cecelia Annett

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