"You will literally wait for hours!": Frustrated woman vents about husband's odd bathroom habit

"You will literally wait for hours!": Frustrated woman vents about husband's odd bathroom habit

A woman has been left wondering whether she was in the right to complain about her husband’s odd bathroom habit.

The wife and mother has been left frustrated by her partner, who would take over the house’s bathroom for anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours at a time.

Writing on Reddit, the woman said the long bathroom breaks often kept her and her young son from using the loo when needed. 

“Fortunately, my son has a private little corner of our backyard where he can go relieve himself in emergencies, but it can be torture for myself or any other women stuck waiting to tinkle,” she shared.

Explaining that the situation had been going on for years, she said the wait would be longer if her husband decided to take a shower after relieving himself. 

“You will literally wait for hours! I have finally got him to where he will unlock the door before he jumps in the shower so we can at least get in to relieve ourselves.”

She suspected that her partner has not been using the bathroom for anything related to bodily functions. 

“I have to go in after him and a lot of time it doesn’t even smell! Zero evidence that he was ‘using the facilities’,” she vented.

“I really don’t want to know what he does with his bathroom time, I just want him to be more respectful of the fact that other people have needs too!”

Many people jumped in to reassure the woman that her concerns are valid. 

“That sounds excessive and rude. Is he reading? Needs a quiet place?” one commented. “Something is up!”

Another wrote, “He’s being really inconsiderate ... and honestly it kinda sounds like he’s just chilling in there to avoid his childcare responsibilities.”

The woman was also encouraged to address the issue with her husband. 

“I think you really ought to ask the reason,” one advised. “It’s possible he has a condition he’s embarrassed about that you could help him with. Or it’s possible he needs alone time and tries to get it this way. In any case, I don’t see this getting better without you insisting on getting the reason.”

Another user chimed in, saying, “The fact that your son has learned to pee in the yard because daddy monopolizes the bathroom is shocking. That isn’t normal … What you are dealing with is really terrible and this isn’t going to be easy to fix. Counselling would be a good idea.”

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