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Why you’re likely to be 3kg heavier right about now

Why you’re likely to be 3kg heavier right about now

Most people gain about 3kg in winter, with new research showing about 70 per cent of Australians change their diet during the colder months.

The survey, commissioned by Australian Beef, found almost half of Australians believe we need different foods in winter.

About a quarter of the 1000 people surveyed ate bigger servings and richer foods during winter months. About 13 per cent said they believed eating more was justified as their body burnt it off trying to keep warm.

But dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers says that’s a false assumption and was concerned about the “alarmingly large” number of people who believed it.

“Although this may seem the norm over winter, with modern advances, there’s no biological reason to eat more when it’s cold,” she said.

“There is no reason we have to gain weight over winter.”

Ms Chambers attributed people’s increased appetites during winter to feeling more “gloomy” and being inside more.

 “We tend to have cravings for less healthy options, choosing more takeaway options or using delivery services, rather than venturing out to pick up ingredients ourselves,” she said.