The diet secret that keeps Princess Mary fit

The diet secret that keeps Princess Mary fit

The timeless Australian-born beauty is approaching the age of 50 soon, yet Crown Princess Mary has maintained a stunning figure and glowing skin.

The question begs: How does she do it?

While there are many who believe the royal member follows strict and rigorous diets to keep her slim and toned figure, others suggest she may just lead a healthy lifestyle and take time to get plenty of exercise.

When living in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, a Scandinavian diet is very different to our eating habits at home.

While there are a number of Danish pastries to gorge yourself on, the Danes take in a much lower intake of carbs, and higher intake of protein and good fats.

If you are looking to live life a little simpler, a little healthier and a little better – try out some of these foods to eat like a Dane and maybe even lose a little extra weight you might be carrying and keen to shed.

Black bread

Unlike westerners, a Scandinavian diet gorges on heavy slabs of Rye and black bread which is a better alternative to white bread, rice and pasta.

Omega 3 rich fish

Fish is a popular source of nutrition in Scandinavian countries, especially deep sea cold fish including herring, mackerel and sardines, which boost the omega 3 intakes.

Fish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a delicious source of nutrition that can help with weight control and helping you feel fuller.


Potatoes can be fatty and unhealthy, but they are a firm staple food in the diets of Danes for their delicious taste and the high fibre, high nutrients and fewer carbs than a plate of pasta.

Potatoes can make a delicious meal in stews, soups and casseroles.

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Crispy potato roast

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Goats milk and cheese

Keeping your gut healthy means eating healthy, nutritious foods and cultured yoghurts and drinks can be an exceptionally good type of food to implement into your diet.

While Danish dairy yoghurts are more sour than sweet, they are much better for you as they are higher in protein and low in sugar.

Nuts, fruit and seeds

Apart from Danish pastries, unhealthy foods like processed snack bars, biscuits and cakes are not as common a sight in Scandinavian countries. Instead, healthy fruits, nuts and seeds are a popular snack.

In particular, nuts and seeds are low in carbohydrates and can add a dose of protein.

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