Sister dumped from bridal party after lockdown weight gain

Sister dumped from bridal party after lockdown weight gain

A bride-to-be has caused controversy after admitting that she dumped her sister from her bridal party after she gained weight.

The bridezilla revealed she asked her sister to step away from her bridesmaid duties after she put on 10kg during lockdown.

She further went on to explain that her older sister struggled with eating disorders her whole life, but still tried to defend her actions.

But after she was slammed over her decision, she eventually confessed to wanting to "protect her wedding day".

Sharing on Reddit, the bride-to-be admitted the move had divided her family.

“My sister Julia was overweight growing up while the rest of us (five girls, no brothers) were always petite,” she said.

“No one in our family ever treated her badly for her weight, though my mum did try to help her diet several times throughout our childhood for purely health reasons.

“She was hospitalised for her eating disorder for the first time when she was 18, and she’s been in and out of treatment facilities since then.

“Pre-pandemic, Julia seemed to be on a recovery kick again. She looked healthy, seemed to be eating normally. I was hopeful she could keep it together and felt okay about asking her to be a bridesmaid at that point.

“That was the last time I saw her though (Feb 2020), until I saw her Friday for Christmas Day.

“Julia has gained a LOT of weight in that time, probably 10kg, which is a lot because she’s short. This is a huge red flag to me because prior relapses have been preceded by weight gain, which seems to trigger another relapse.”

The bride-to-be said it was then she made the decision to dump her from her wedding.

“I [decided] it makes more sense for her to not be a bridesmaid. That way she can wear whatever she wants, be skinny or fat, show up or not, and it won’t affect the day as a whole,” said said.

“So I texted her after Christmas to ask if she was doing okay. Sure enough, she admitted she’d been having body image issues since gaining weight during lockdown.

“I kindly asked her to step down from being a bridesmaid, explaining that it was for her own good and I was only doing this because I cared about her. She seemed upset but agreed to step down.”

The decision ended up causing a heated debate amongst family members, with even the bride's fiancé joining in, saying she was harsh to dump her sister over her weight.

“Now our dad is furious with me, saying Julia is heartbroken,” she said.

“My mom and sisters are all on my side here and agree Julia not being a bridesmaid is what’s best for everyone.

“So I wasn’t that worried about being in the wrong here—until my FIANCÉ said I was wrong and basically called me out for even bringing up her weight with her.”

She added that while she was worried for her sister’s mental health, she was also concerned about her wedding day.

“Yes, of course protecting my wedding day is part of my consideration here,” she said.

“God forbid one single day doesn’t revolve around her I guess.”

Some Reddit users slammed the bride.

“The obsession over the wedding pictures is disgusting. Why does a wedding have to be an Instagram event?” said one.

Added another: “Bride sounds so self-centered. Thank god the fiancé talked some sense into her.”

Said a third: “With family like this, it’s no wonder she has an eating disorder.”

But others disagreed, with one saying: “Maybe she went about it the wrong way, but her feelings are valid. Also what girl doesn’t dream a perfect wedding day, it’s natural to overthink all the variables that play into it.”