“Sex is still great but no more kids!”: Sir Rod Stewart on life with third wife Penny Lancaster

“Sex is still great but no more kids!”: Sir Rod Stewart on life with third wife Penny Lancaster

Sir Rod Stewart has led a varied and interesting life as a rock star. However, now that he’s 74, he has had time to reflect on his life a little and realised when things started to get “boring” in his sex life.

The legendary singer told to The Sun: “Sex at one point was beginning to be boring, late '80s, early '90s, always flying in models left, right and centre. One would arrive, the other would leave.”

Stewart also reflected on how lonely he was during that time.

“It just became I was getting lonely. I thought, ‘You’ve got everything – women, great success, kids’, but there wasn’t a devotion, someone I could be devoted to, so I got bored of it.”

That all changed when the crooner married model Penny Lancaster in 2007 and the pair now have two children together, Alastair, 13, and Aidan, 8, which means he now has eight children with five different women.

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Naturally, he’s ruled out any more kids.

“My cue is back in the rack, the banana’s back in the fruit bowl,” he says with a laugh.

As for his vibrant career, there are plans to step off the stage for good.

“It’s closer than you think,” he says. “I think I’ll always sing but I can’t always do this. There’s got to come a time when I’m going to say, ‘Right, put away the tight trousers and all the funny clothes’.

“It’s nearer than you think. But retirement? No. From doing rock ’n’ roll stuff? Yes.”

Due to the success of Freddie Mercury’s biopic Bohemian Rhapsody , it’s had Stewart considering his own biopic.

“Oh, are you kidding? My ego? I’d love it. Me and my two youngest sons went to see Bohemian Rhapsody.

“My boys were saying, ‘Dad, I can play you when you were eight’ and ‘I’ll play you when you were 13’.”